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Fussilet Vakfı
To Compete in Goodness

Real Estate Donation

By donating real estate to our foundation you are doing a permanent favor;

This donation with option, donation lovers donate their real estate and become part of a great favor that will last permanetly and constinuously.

The following criteria are taken into consideration of real estate donations.

The real estate to be donated;

  • Its title deed and mortgage, annotation, usufruct, lien etc. On the deed not restrictions.
  • Don’t legal problems related to inheritance and other issues on the land registry.
  • In terms of zooning, it is not located within the protected area, green area, flood area, municipal expropriation area, security and archaeological area.

Real estate donations can be made unconditionaly and conditionally in two ways:

A-) Unconditional and Conditional Real Estate Donations

1-) Unconditional Donation: Our foundation official goes to the land registry office regarding our grantor. The deed of the real estate is transferred to our foundation. In this proces, all mortar etc. payments will be covered by our foundation and not tax or duty payments are made by the grantor. In such donations, the grantor has no right over the real estate, the real estate becomes the property of our foundation.

2-a) Donation with the Redemeed Right of Use: Our foundation official goes to the land registry office with our grantor. The grantor tranfers the bare ownership right of the real estate to our foundation, but with the registiracition (annotation) put in the title deed, the right of usufruct remains. Real estate belongs to the grantor until the grantor’s death. It saves as you wish except for sales and transfers. He can sit down or lease. In the event of death, after the completion of the legal proceedings, the right of usufruct of the real estate in queations passes to our foundation and our foundation becomes the full ownership of the real estate.

b-) Other Conditional Donations: in addition, will be evaluted by our Board of Directors in special conditions that may come from you or your relatives other than the specified conditions and your donation can be accepted if deemed appropriate. Our instution gives you a letter of undertaking for all your conditional real estate donations. Our professional team will accompany you during the deed transaction. Real estate donation request to Fussilet Vakfı are accepted after the decision of our Board of Directors, which is our authorized board.

B-) Donation with a Testament:

If the grantor wants his property to remain with the Fussilet Vakfı after his death, he will issue a will before the notary public.

In case of a will to issue a will, information about the will is provided by our foundation staff, and all notary related expenses are covered by the foundation.

You Will Follow The That Way in Your Real Estate Donation Request

You can fill on the “Real Estate Donation Request Form’ below and send it to us. After your request are examined by the foundation board of directors, the result will be notified to you.



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